Sharing my story and mission with Saprea

Hola ? Amigos (friends)! It’s been a while since I shared about myself, my story, and my mission ?

My name is Petra and I am a blogger, digital designer, and Advocate. I’m passionate about social connectedness and mental health is my #1 Priority.

In 2016 I started a personal blog This was the first step I took in my healing journey. Over the years, I went to counseling but I still felt alone. I felt this ? burning desire to talk about what I endured as a child and in my teen years. But I was ashamed and uncomfortable bringing up the subject. So subconsciously (now looking back) I was looking for a way to get the feelings out that I bottled inside for so many years. I started to wonder if other Survivors felt alone like I did.

Fast forward to 2018 I was searching for someplace to go, where I could continue my healing journey. Honestly, I didn’t think such a place existed or it would cost too much for me to afford. After researching my fingers off (literally) I found @Saprea (formerly The Younique Foundation) which is a FREE (Yes FREE) 4-day Retreat for adult Survivors of child sexual abuse. (You only pay for your transportation to get there whether driving or flying). I applied and was accepted to attend. When I attended I felt validated by the emotional rollercoaster I had experienced off and on over the years.

A year later, I was invited back to share my story. You can watch part of my story on Saprea’s Youtube Channel or below.

This experience helped me understand that my ? Voice matters and I can do my part in helping make an impact.

I recently moved to Las Vegas and I’m really hopeful that I will be part of a growing community of impactful, caring, purpose-driven individuals. Everything I know I self-taught and I’m continuing to work on my skills in digital design.

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