Grrrl Clothing Community Store Grand Opening

Getting ready for @grrrl_clothing GRRRL Community Store – GRAND OPENING ❗

This is he first store location ? 1118 S Main St. Las Vegas, NV 89104

Their WHY – “the teenager who thinks she’s too fat; the 10-year-old ‘encouraged’ to take up gymnastics when she really loves football; the baby girl who was born as you read this sentence. “

“We believe in a world where women can be truly free. Free to have an education, free to have sexual self expression, free from racism, free from domestic violence, free from the oppression of negative self image, free from religious persecution.”

Kortney Olson is so inspiring and I love her energy <3

I walked in wearing black pants because lets be honest here. They hide areas I don’t like on my body.

But here’s some more honesty… The areas that I don’t like on my body come from falling into the stereotypical ideal body shape. I fell into that mindset over the years and lost myself.

Deep down inside I DO love ? areas of my body that aren’t your ideal shape and size. Yup, I SAID IT❕ So I’m embracing ALL of me!

FYI – Their apparel is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G❗ It enhances your beautiful curves, the fabric is ?? @kortney_olson said I had a nice ass ??‍♀️ and I’m like Yassss GRRRL Thanks ?

Kortney, I’m so inspired by you. Thank you for being out here and doing the work to empower little girls and women.

Check out my FUPA ? ?

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