Grrrl Clothing Community Store Grand Opening

Getting ready for @grrrl_clothing GRRRL Community Store – GRAND OPENING ❗

This is he first store location ? 1118 S Main St. Las Vegas, NV 89104

Their WHY – “the teenager who thinks she’s too fat; the 10-year-old ‘encouraged’ to take up gymnastics when she really loves football; the baby girl who was born as you read this sentence. “

“We believe in a world where women can be truly free. Free to have an education, free to have sexual self expression, free from racism, free from domestic violence, free from the oppression of negative self image, free from religious persecution.”

Kortney Olson is so inspiring and I love her energy <3

I walked in wearing black pants because lets be honest here. They hide areas I don’t like on my body.

But here’s some more honesty… The areas that I don’t like on my body come from falling into the stereotypical ideal body shape. I fell into that mindset over the years and lost myself.

Deep down inside I DO love ? areas of my body that aren’t your ideal shape and size. Yup, I SAID IT❕ So I’m embracing ALL of me!

FYI – Their apparel is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G❗ It enhances your beautiful curves, the fabric is ?? @kortney_olson said I had a nice ass ??‍♀️ and I’m like Yassss GRRRL Thanks ?

Kortney, I’m so inspired by you. Thank you for being out here and doing the work to empower little girls and women.

Check out my FUPA ? ?

Get some grub for a good cause

Since it’s #NationalBBQDay! We stopped by @jessieraesbbq for some delicious brisket, pulled pork, rib tips, and much more! All proceeds until 5:00 p.m. go back to @oppvillagelv ? Jessie Raes BBQ is located behind the Allegiant Stadium at 5611 south Valley View Blvd 89118.

The Opportunity Village is Las Vegas-based not-for-profit organization serving over 3,000 individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities annually, providing them enrichment and empowerment opportunities.

Why not get some grub for a good cause ??

May is National Foster Care Month

May is National Foster Care Month and I am so grateful I was raised by my foster mom ? She opened her home to me and my sisters when I was 10 years old. She is patient, understanding, non-judgemental, and loves EVERYONE unconditionally.

I recognize YOU today mommy ❤️ and all the work, time, and energy you dedicated to helping so many people throughout the years. I can never repay you for everything you have instilled in me. I ? pray to be half as AMAZING and LOVING as you are!

Blessings all around me


I’m reflecting back on the past 30 days. I don’t want this post to come across as bragging because I am truly humbled. I can feel I’m on the right path 〰️. I’m here because I’m meant to be here ?? What I’m doing matters. My work, my life matters ?

I am filled with so much ? joy that everything has 〰️ aligned with my purpose and passion. I’m living proof that “when you choose a job you love, you will never have to “work” a day in your life”.

What my day looks like:
1. Working alongside
other passionate women ??‍???‍???
2. Using my ? design skills to create impactful graphics for Ads, Call to action posts, Flyers, Posters, Articles, and Photo collages.
3. Helping ? nonprofits and ?mental health organizations share their services, campaigns, events, and positive messages through ♾ social media.
4. I wake up ? every day ready to do it again!

In 2016 I discovered the ? power that social media has from my own personal journey of healing, empowerment, and finding balance. It’s been really therapeutic in ways I couldn’t imagine. It’s a reminder that I once didn’t have a voice and now I get to help so many organizations through my creative design spread their “voice” through art ?. #Blessed

Take a Stand on Denim Day

Take a Stand on #DenimDay2021

The Denim Day story begins in Italy in 1992, when an 18-year old girl was raped by the 45-year old driving instructor who was taking her to her very first driving lesson. He took her to an isolated road, pulled her out of the car, removed her jeans and forcefully raped her.

She reports the rape and the perpetrator is arrested and prosecuted. He is then convicted of rape and sentenced to jail. Years later, he appealed the conviction claiming that they had consensual sex. The Italian Supreme Court overturned the conviction and the perpetrator was released. A statement from the Court argued that because the victim was wearing very tight jeans, she had to help him remove them, and by removing the jeans it was not rape but consensual sex. This became known throughout Italy as the “jeans alibi.”

Enraged by the verdict, the women in the Italian Parliament launched a protest wearing jeans on the steps of the Supreme Court. This protest was picked up by international media which inspired the California Senate and Assembly to do the same on the steps of the Capitol in Sacramento. Patti Occhiuzzo Giggans, Executive Director of Peace Over Violence, saw this in the media and thought everyone should be wearing jeans to protest all of the myths about why women and girls are raped. Denim Day in LA was born. The first Denim Day in LA event was held in April of 1999, and has continued annually since.

My First Volunteer Event – The Cupcake Girls

Tomorrow is a big day and so very special to me. I’ll be volunteering with @cupcakegirlsorg ? for their pop-up event at @localforall Local For All. This is the future home of an amazing holistic resource center for individuals working in the adult industry and those affected by domestic sex trafficking.

We made this big move 6 months ago from the midwest all the way to beautiful ? Las Vegas? Most of you saw my count-down posts as we prepared LOL. I knew from the moment we made the decision to move. This was exactly where I belonged.

In my own fight with PTSD and depression. I remember many times calling to get help through counseling services. But I was told it would be months until I could get seen for an evaluation. When I finally did get in to have my evaluation. There was another long wait until finally seeing a counselor. I cried and broke down many times feeling so desperate and helpless.

I remember telling my husband about a year and a half ago. I had this vision of a place that I could go to that was safe until I could get into counseling. A place that had counseling services, a kickboxing center, an art studio, somewhere to mingle and eat, and other resources. A place you knew that if you went, there would be other Survivors.

I knew I was drawn here but i didn’t fully know why. Well, this “vision” I had was already in the making ? but so much more than my vision. I didn’t know about The Cupcake Girls organization until after 4 months of living here. Now I get to be part of this and that’s a blessing! I’m showing up authentically me.

Should I start my podcast again?

Talking about mental health is not attention-seeking. People die in silence every day due to this judgment and then people finally say “I wish they spoke up.” We live in a society that stigmatizes mental health but mourns suicide.

I choose to be transparent in sharing my story, my struggles, and my journey of healing. I want others to know that they are NOT alone. My goal is to contribute in my own little way to fill in the gaps to ending the stigma on mental health.

I’m thinking I might start up my podcast ? again. I know I wasn’t consistent and I didn’t really have direction. So maybe it’s time to write out some ideas so we can have an open conversation.

Easier life silence or fight

I’m watching the interview on @supersoul that @oprah did with @andradaymusic . There’s a scene where she is asked (Andra portraying Billie Holiday), “Why don’t you stop singing the damn song. Wouldn’t your life be easier if you just behaved?” Oh, that just hurts my heart ?!⁣⁣⁣⁣
This is exactly why 5 years ago I started my blog and am on a path of trying to heal some of the trauma or at least learning to ⚖ balance the “bad days”. I had no idea what I was doing and I still don’t 5 years later. But I’m never giving up and my ? Voice will be heard. ⁣⁣⁣⁣

Yes, life would be “easier” if I was silent. I wouldn’t have as many ups and downs emotionally. Trust me I was good (REALLY good) at burying my feelings deep down inside. But a quitter I am NOT, been a ? fighter all my life. Now let me show you what a life of fighting looks like.⁣⁣⁣⁣
P.S. I do this for little Petra ?

Journal Entries – Manifestation

Wow?! Wow?! Wow?! I found my journal entries from last year in April. I did a “scripting into existence” ✍ exercise and I nearly wrote out exactly what has been happening to me the last few weeks. I’m gonna share some things I wrote down. (I have goosebumps sharing this)⁣⁣
4/11/2020 -⁣⁣
“My life has completely changed and is full of abundance. I finally stopped living the rat race and I am no longer in customer service support. I found my Passion instead of a “job”. I jumped and took a chance on myself. ⁣⁣

I taught myself….. and I’m really great at it. I also am able to network with amazing women in this niche. The reason I was able to teach myself is because another entrepreneur woman (yes I wrote down a woman because I learned with scripting you have to be as detailed as possible and that’s what I saw in my vision) gave me a chance to be involved and learn as I also brought value to her needs.⁣⁣
It’s so exciting to see how much I’m learning. I’m actually really good at it! All the years I spent self-teaching web design, graphic designing, customer service, admin, tech support, photo and video editing, blogging, HTML, SEO, social media, virtual assistant, webmaster, and researching have all come full circle and have enhanced my abilities in a very special niche.”⁣⁣
Wow ?! I completely forgot about this entry and something told me to go back and read my old entries to see how far I’ve come.