Surviving to Thriving

The Ugly, The Bad, The Good; Becoming Stronger.

My name is Petra and I am on a mission to help other survivors by sharing my story. I will not hide in shame. I am tearing off the band-aid and unlocking the pain that’s deep down inside. My childhood years were full of abuse; mental, emotional, verbal, physical and sexual. I have very rarely spoken in depth about this part of my life. It was NOT my fault and I am NOT ashamed anymore! Today, I free myself of all the pain I kept locked inside. This pain changed my personality for a long 36 years. I was angry, took everything personally, I had no personality, didn’t’ know how to joke around and smiling or laughing felt “awkward” to me. What makes me smile today? My two boys, my fiance, my friends, my family and YOU! Yes, you reading this right now. I smile because you’re here, you’re strong and you’re amazing.

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New Logo for Unlocked Pain

I’ve been working on a logo for my website for over a year now. I didn’t want to go with a ? because I thought it would lose its purpose.

I started because I was in a very dark place in my life. I knew that I needed to talk about the trauma I went through. I tried the traditional counseling route but something was still missing. I needed something more but I just didn’t know what exactly.

After lots of research (about a year and a half) I came across Saprea (formerly The Younique Foundation) online. A FREE 4-day retreat for adult survivors of child sexual abuse. Yes, it’s free, you just have to get there. They now have two locations, one in Utah and one in Georgia. You can find more information @

We did many activities and one that I really enjoyed was Kintsugi. This really started to shift my perspective on saying “I’m broken”.

Kintsugi: The Value of a Broken Bowl – Kintsugi, which roughly translates to “golden joinery,” is the Japanese philosophy that the value of an object is not in its beauty, but in its imperfections, and that these imperfections are something to celebrate, not hide.

So I present to you my custom made new logo ➰