Self-care Bundle by Survivors for Survivors

Have you struggled with spiraling down the dark hole of depression? Don’t worry me too ?‍♀️! You have nothing to be ashamed of at all.

What if there was something that helped us when we can’t get outside of ourselves and stuck in our minds. When you’re in that dark space it’s hard to connect to anybody else around us. We are often told things to do like; take a nap, listen to music, read a book, think positively, and journaling to name a few examples.

Okay, that all sounds good and it can help. The problem for me personally has been. When the depression consumes all my energy and attention. I have no “brainpower” (who understands this all too well?) to think of all these “go-to” self-care tools. You could make a list to remember, right❓ BORING ?❗❗

There should be a self-care bundle that is visually inviting, impactful, and makes you feel like you’re thriving. It’s full of reminders to help you go into a calm space to replenish and have compassion for yourself. I’m picturing a uniquely beautiful product that you can physically touch and open.

This will be “created” with purpose by a Survivor for ALL trauma Survivors.

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