My First Volunteer Event – The Cupcake Girls

Tomorrow is a big day and so very special to me. I’ll be volunteering with @cupcakegirlsorg ? for their pop-up event at @localforall Local For All. This is the future home of an amazing holistic resource center for individuals working in the adult industry and those affected by domestic sex trafficking.

We made this big move 6 months ago from the midwest all the way to beautiful ? Las Vegas? Most of you saw my count-down posts as we prepared LOL. I knew from the moment we made the decision to move. This was exactly where I belonged.

In my own fight with PTSD and depression. I remember many times calling to get help through counseling services. But I was told it would be months until I could get seen for an evaluation. When I finally did get in to have my evaluation. There was another long wait until finally seeing a counselor. I cried and broke down many times feeling so desperate and helpless.

I remember telling my husband about a year and a half ago. I had this vision of a place that I could go to that was safe until I could get into counseling. A place that had counseling services, a kickboxing center, an art studio, somewhere to mingle and eat, and other resources. A place you knew that if you went, there would be other Survivors.

I knew I was drawn here but i didn’t fully know why. Well, this “vision” I had was already in the making ? but so much more than my vision. I didn’t know about The Cupcake Girls organization until after 4 months of living here. Now I get to be part of this and that’s a blessing! I’m showing up authentically me.

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